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Book Four of the Sons of Odin; Balor's Might: Revised Edition

Book Four begins the second half of the main series, as our Heroes return to Kismeria to discover that the Power is no longer available to most wielders, and that their Battle Angels are significantly weakened.

The Revised Edition of Book Four is the most up to date version of the book. With enhanced battles, character descriptions, magic systems and worlds. This is the same story though with elements of story and scene that make it a far superior version.

Opening this fourth installment on Earth, Hammer (Arawn’s Carnage, 2015, etc.) teases a different kind of narrative. It’s not long, however, before his love for mystical carnage reasserts itself. In the hospital, Adem encounters a shadowy figure whose voice was “devastating to behold” and “made him feel that his skin and flesh were being peeled off by the dark energies.” This novel follows a beat similar to the prior three, in which armies are assembled, personal demons lay exposed—like Adem
dwelling on his affair with Isabelle—and vast battles engulf the land. - Kirkus Reviews


Plot quirks include the Time Strider Elarja
Rinhannen’s trip into the past, and the widespread use of the tainted Dark Trail magic. Dedicated fans should rejoice. - Kirkus Reviews


Though this tale begins with a unique rhythm, the author’s fantasy tropes draw it back into the series’ fold. - Kirkus Reviews

Smashwords and other ebook retailers will also offer a free sample of the first 20% of Book Four, and 20% of both Book Two and Book Three, so you try before you decide if this series is for you.

Kind regards,

L. A. Hammer

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