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Book Three of the Sons of Odin; Arawn's Carnage:

Revised Edition

Book Three concludes the first half of the main series, with epic battles against all manner of demons, vampires, werewolves and possession spirits.

Book Two and Three have been re-released as edited and improved versions as part of the Collector's Trilogy. The newly titled Revised Editions are basically a clean up of the Collector's, checking grammar, sentence structure etc. They are the most updated versions with the enhanced battles and scenes that were created for the originally titled Collector's. Book Four Revised is an enhanced Edition that has had the same revision work that went on with the first three books. 

Kirkus Reviews gave quotes of praise for all four books in the Sons of Odin series.

Kind regards,

L. A. Hammer

In his third installment of the series, Hammer continues to tap a vein of phantasmagoric mayhem that should mesmerize video gamers and fans of the Lord of the Rings alike. Nearly every page displays eye-popping battle visuals: “Lightning filled the sky, a rainbow of coloured bolts, a thousand falling every second to turn the grey haze into a bright neon flare.” That said, readers of more character-driven fantasies may grow fatigued by Hammer’s penchant for elaborate magical warfare. Heartfelt surprises abound, however, like when Adem quotes from the Bible to describe Jean (“She is more precious than rubies, nothing you desire can compare with her”). The underlying themes of humanity’s imperfection and the individual’s struggle toward a truer self permeate this narrative, which sets the heroes in a new direction. Provides an action-packed turning point in the series and sets the stage for fresh adventures. - Kirkus Reviews


Smashwords and other ebook retailers will also offer a free sample of both Book Two and Book Three, with a 20% sample of Book Four.


Enjoy reading,


L. A. Hammer

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