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Books of Sons of Odin: Box Sets

BOOKS 1 to 5 Angel Magic Edition 2 300 D

Books One to Five of the Sons of Odin: Angel-Magic Edition


Get the entire Books One to Four of Sons of Odin, including the edited and improved Book One, with edited Book Two and Three, in one E-Book. Book Four recently received a new edit, to create a greater reading experience. Scenes, character descriptions, magic and battle scenes are also enhanced in this Revised Edition: Box Set.


In the opening volume of a complex new fantasy series, Hammer offers readers lavish battles, dizzying amounts of gore, and a system of magical patrons called Battle Angels that fans of the Final Fantasy video games should enjoy. Hammer’s prose is often dense with imagery, as when “Anna, the crew,” and“the bushland were all swallowed by a vortex of light and shadows,” and “the light exploded into tiny filaments of burning gold and white energies.” The battles, during which the Sons of Odin—and Jean, the Daughter of Thor—summon superpowered guardians, are splatterfests (demons are blasted “into dust and smoke, torn flesh and large spurts of dark blood”). - Kirkus Reviews

Druantia’s Curse is entertaining and full of surprises—from wormholes to vampires—but it requires dedication to track all of the subplots. Casual readers of fantasy may befrustrated by the wealth of detail, but diehard fans will appreciate the Robert Jordanesque layering of characters, relationships and lands that brings Kismeria to life. - BlueInk Reviews

In his third installment of the series, Hammer continues to tap a vein of phantasmagoric mayhem that should mesmerize video gamers and fans of the Lord of the Rings alike. Nearly every page displays eye-popping battle visuals: “Lightning filled the sky, a rainbow of coloured bolts, a thousand falling every second to turn the grey haze into a bright neon flare.” - Kirkus Reviews

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