About the Author


L.A. Hammer has now published four novels, the first three books in the Sons of Odin series, and now Book Four, which begins the second half of the main series. His first: Book One of the Sons of Odin; Odin’s Awakening, was published in 2012.


Book Two of the Sons of Odin; Druantia’s Curse, was published in 2013.


Book Three of the Sons of Odin; Arawn’s Carnage, was published in 2014, and this book concludes the first half of the main series. Hammer intends to write a second half of at least three books, as well as a middle series of books that detail the events of Highlander’s son and grandson on their adventures in Kismeria.


Book Four of the Sons of Odin; Balor’s Might, was released in 2015, and begins the second half of the main series.


L.A. Hammer lives in a quiet country town, north of Melbourne, Victoria. He has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Visual Arts, Fine Art as well as Literature and film studies. He makes use of most of his spare time writing and editing, publishing and marketing, but also finds time to study many books and various subjects including psychology, foreign languages, history, religion and of course, fantasy novels.


Look out for the prequel series of Sons of Odin, the first book titled; Book One of the Rise of Orion, A Sons of Odin Prequel, which is scheduled for ebook release through Smashwords sometime in 2015. This ebook will be the first part of a trilogy, detailing the lives of Orion Demonslayer and Tobin Fireheart, as well as their wives, Elmira Goldenbraid and Lydia Everlight, the story of their rise to power in Kismeria, long before the first book of Sons of Odin.


L. A. Hammer has now also re-released the first three books in the series, as the Collector's Trilogy Ebook and in print, or also available as three separate Ebooks. Hammer is working on Book Five of the series, which will be featured in E-Book format, as well as a print version, that will include Book Four and Five, in a single, 800 page volume.