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Book Two of the Sons of Odin; Druantia's Curse: Revised


Book Two and Three have been re-released as edited and improved versions as part of the Revised Editions. Improved battle scenes was the main focus for Book Two and Three, as well as cosmetic clean up, but Book One Revised is a much improved version with deeper insights into the magic system, people and cultures of Kismeria, with heavy focus on elaborating on battles.

Smashwords and some other E-Book retailers offer a free sample of both Book Two, Book Three and Book Four, so you can try before you decide if this series is for you.


Kind regards, L. A. Hammer


Hammer’s vivid visual imagery (as in, “a blur of motion as the five thousand riders moved in unison like a school of fish navigating on a sea of green”) makes the character’s journeys exhilarating and the battle scenes intense. - BlueInk Reviews


Druantia’s Curse is entertaining and full of surprises—from wormholes to vampires—but
it requires dedication to track all of the subplots. Casual readers of fantasy may be frustrated by the wealth of detail, but diehard fans will appreciate the Robert Jordanesque layering of characters, relationships and lands that brings Kismeria to life. - BlueInk Reviews

In this second installment of Hammer’s(Odin’s Awakening, 2014) epic fantasy series, the complexities of magical warfare and romantic loyalties continue.Taking center stage once again, however, are the action sequences. They’re akin to panoramic oil paintings of orgiastic chaos, as when “Hawks, Crows and Pixies broke away from the Shadow Men to punch through vampire chests in bright flares....Skulls exploded on impact, limbs falling as torn debris.” These scenes are balanced by explorations of the heart,considering that “love comes second to power” for Adem. Hammer also delights in creating elaborate names for characters and magical maneuvers, like “Black Owl Swoops” and Calliestra Shadowheart. The use of time-travel and other twists—like the fallout from a romantic triangle among Adem, Jean, and Princess Isabella—deftly prepares fans for a rousing sequel.This immersive, colorful, and action-oriented fantasy series smoothly maintains its rapid pace. - Kirkus Reviews

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